For some people, shipping may be late i haven't been able to go to the post office so I'll give out who's items I need to ship off. Also a notice May 20-23 I will be away on a trip. So I will not be shipping anything during that week. I will ship on Friday maybe. If I get the chance ><;

Must ship off:
-must get her armwarmers black(or white) black and pink
-ship off with necklace+blue heart tank
-UB tank

I thought this would help those who haven't recieved their items yet should know why I haven't been able to ship them off ^^; Very busy so yea, I'm sorry for making you guys wait.


asian  tank tops (from hk)
urban behavior v-neck tank top
jacob jr graphic tee
aeropostale boyfriend tee
baby phat jeans sweater
much more...
*shipping is not included, will be shipped ethier in a box or big envelope >< so prices will vary.
*measurements can be requested.

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*all transitions are final.

*broken items will not be under my responsibility, they are all shipped out in good condition.

*shipping fees may vary from item and country. I will calculate it once i pack it. (fees go as; weight, measurement, and country)

*I only hold items for a week, if you do not confirm your item by then, its off hold.

*pay 5 days within your order and I will ship once I get the payment asap.

*I accept paypal, concealed cash at own risk (if c.c. is not recieved you count as unpaid and I will not ship your item, currency should be in Canadian.)


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*questions, comments, feedback, concerns? Please email I will reply asap.
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*will create one if i have many questions asked.