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nekowaka's Journal

Neko Waka Boutique
Waka-chan Neko Waka boutique
:) Hello~ My names Waka-chan and this is my LJ store account ^^ Please look around and see if you like anything here :]! My own LJ is confidential unless you'd like to know :] But you can check out my LJ communities jrock_iconist and jcontests Have a good day >3 This stores sole purpose is to sell Asian styled clothing at acceptable prices, also selling off items of certain brand that are in good condition which do not fit me anymore.
Rules links
Please follow accordingly to these rules.

*all transitions are final.

*broken items will not be under my responsibility, they are all shipped out in good condition.

*shipping fees may vary from item and country.

*I do personal orders for "Fob" styled clothing. Provide image colour you want and price ranges you want it from[or if you don't care do not do this] and I will try and find it for you :) If I do at a good price I will buy it and we will exchange emails to negotiate.

*questions, comments, feedback, concerns? Please email nekowaka@gmail.com I will reply asap.


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